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Let us help your next phase Unified Communications as a Service

UCAAS, also known as Unified Communications as a Service is a dedicated enterprise service method designed to use cloud-based software services to enhance communications naturally. Since the system is designed to run in the cloud, you can use it to communicate from anywhere. You don’t have to rely on a large IT infrastructure, everything is already there for you and you can adapt it to your own needs and requirements. 

What is UCAAS?

The UC part in UCAAS focuses on the regular communication channels. These are video conferencing, telephony, voicemail, chat and many others. However UCAAS is more than just a simple system. It also offers information about a person’s presence. It does a very good job at enabling mobility between departments and it gives you access to external software tools tool. 

What it does is it allows you to maintain great efficiency without having to spend many hours in wait for a partner. You can also provide much better support to your customers, which can lead to some amazing results every time. Since UCAAS helps you access a single interface, it’s a lot easier than before to use multiple tools in a creative and comprehensive manner. 

How does UCAAS work?

The UCAAS system is quite easy to understand. The UCAAS relies on VOIP which helps translate the audio and visual information in packet data. Once that is done, it’s sent via the web protocols to the destination. That’s why UCAAS can be adapted to voice telephony services, web, video and audio conferencing as well as many others.

You can also use UCAAS in order to integrate other business processes within the telephone service, which is known as a mashup. You can easily acquire billing info and customer data during a call. That will make it easier to customize the experience for that customer and eliminate any of the problems that might arise. On top of that, this is great for CRM since it eliminates mixups and instead it gives the customer a better solution every time.

Also, the UCAAS offers collaboration and data sharing in no time. Having unified communications in a cloud system like this can really make a huge difference and it has the potential to really push the boundaries in a clever manner. Not only that, but UCAAS also offers you a comprehensive way to distribute files with ease within a single interface. It’s the best approach you can use and the team will work a lot easier this way. The market is constantly growing, we can expect the UCAAS market value to surpass 31.3 Billion. So it’s clear that people need this type of services, and they are willing to pay good money for it.

Should you use UCAAS?

There are many reasons why you may want to give UCAAS a try. It offers a much better productivity and the customer relationship management system is improved too. The employee mobility is way better and you also allow team members to collaborate with great ease. Not only that, but you can also lower operational and you cut down the capital needed to adopt this. It certainly helps and you just have to adjust and adapt it in a professional manner. You should consider implementing the UCAAS system today, as it will offer more convenience while also helping you save lots of time and money!