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Equipment, installation, management and Call Center as a Service

CCAAS is also known as contact center as a service. It’s basically a call center software hosted or which is natively available in the cloud. With help from a CCAAS solution you get to have everything in the cloud and you can focus on delivering a better user experience because of that. You can use this to route calls from communications channels a lot easier. Also, around 60% of contact centers are using at least 7 systems to interact with customers. CCAAS can be the perfect solution, and the market is set to reach $24 billion in 2023!

Why do you need CCAAS?

The main reason you want to use CCAAS is because it offers you a method to lower integration, IT and support costs. You get all of that while still being able to offer customers the best experience and results. Most of the time you will have CCAAS deployed as a cloud based solution in the contact centers. However you can also have a dedicated CCAAS software solution on your premises. Having it cloud based means less infrastructure and lower IT costs, which certainly makes it a lot more comprehensive and dependable in a situation like this. 

Another great advantage of CCAAS in the cloud is the fact that it’s always updated with the latest feature. If the CCAAS provider integrates new features, you can access them as soon as you are logged on to the platform. It helps a lot, and you will find things to be a lot simpler and more convenient because of that. Once you adapt the process adequately, nothing will be able to stand in your way and the experience will shine every time.

Address customer requirements with a professional infrastructure

Thanks to the CCAAS solution you can obtain a customer communication assessment. You can also connect with suppliers a lot easier and you will be able to have a multichannel contact center experience. Everything is fully implemented right away and you can choose to customize it in the way you need for your own company and without any worries. 

With CCAAS you can also get skill based routing so you can have a better first contact resolution. You can also boost the contact center performance while also being able to lower operational costs. You also have analytics and insights that will help make the experience better and more comprehensive every time for the customers because of that. Some of the CCAAS solutions also have self-servicing capabilities too so you can eliminate the pressure on your team. Having access to all of this in the cloud helps immensely and it will eliminate many of the challenges.

Should you use CCAAS?

In the end it’s all about the benefits that you can obtain from using such a service. CCAAS is designed to be very comprehensive and convenient, professional and with a true focus on value and results. It’s dependable, reliable and with its help you can really push things to the next level. Once you start using it wisely, nothing can stand in its way and that’s where CCAAS really shines all the time. Adaptability is key in the CCAAS world, and every contact center needs this type of solution for improved services and more reliability!