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twingravity is a broker-dealer for best-in-class enterprise information technology. communication systems integration, and management. Our special fast track support relationship with primary IT, communications, and security vendors helps our government and business customers adapt to growth, respond to risk, and receive higher levels of support. Our vendor relationships allow us to pass-on unprecedented discounts and value added services not available elsewhere.

Because we are vendor neutral and paid by vendors on a performance basis – we are able to provide a suite of free professional services for most of our registered applicants. By filling out our simple registration form you authorize twingravity to register your RFP with up to three of our the most competitive partner vendors. Beyond the seven free services that twingravity and its partners provide to both government and commercial customers, we promise an unrelenting dedication to clear communication, transparency, and speed of process.

Registered clients receive six major free services. 1) Discovery and Planning Sessions which includes teleconferences with our with senior technical advisers: information technology,¬† cybersecurity, and telecommunications strategists, as well as system engineers, and system architects. We are dedicated to understanding your needs and assist in the procurement process. 2) Assistance of the creation of technical plans and bid specifications. 3) Introduction to three best in class conforming vendors. 4) Comparative¬†analysis reports. 5) Coordination of vendor deep dives and Q&A’s in the follow-up to bid submissions. 6) After the selection process: we provide over-watch and project management support during equipment installation, migration, service integration, and system commissioning, as well as upgrade support during life of the entire equipment contract. 7) twingravity provides a selection of carbon off-set programs ensuring that your systems energy and materials footprint is ameliorated with certified reforestation projects that support biodiversity.

As a registered 100% disabled veteran owned small business, twingravity strives to help reduce costs, stress, and energy consumption for our clients.