US Intelligence Community & Military Grade Encryption

twingravity is developing specialized communication algorithms appropriate for the national security interests of the United States of America. As a 100% veteran owned venture our ability to deliver on mission critical COMSEC is based on decades of research, advanced cryptographic algorithm development and threat response solution gathering. twingravity is in the process of engaging the NSA/CSS’s Commercial Solutions for Classified (CSfC) Program.

Climate Change Responses

We have a three pronged approach to climate change response. The first involves how our custom algorithms can provide deeper insight into predictive analysis, modeling precision optimization and complex problem analysis. Our second prong involves the mathematical solution sets and computer systems engineering architecture for big climate data. Our third prong is an ICTSM4 solution under the trademark Green Cities.

Asheville Collider

twingravity is gearing up to submit one of our projects to the Asheville Collider. This new globally networked facility is based in Asheville NC with a mission to build & serve the world climate services community. Our proposal includes climate and environmental science software solutions for municipal and island response and adaptation to climatic changes. Vote for the Collider project here.

icon-mpptwingravity is in the process of enrolling in the DoD SDB program. The Mentor-Protégé Program encourages major DoD prime contractors (mentors) to develop the technical and business capabilities of small disadvantaged businesses (SDBs) and other eligible protégés.

mainTab101twingravity is in the process of registering as a legitimately owned and controlled VOSBs and SDVOSB. We plan to compete for VA VOSB and SDVOSB set-asides helping the Veteran’s Administration with its big data challenges with our algorithms and specialized consulting services. We intend to be credited by the VA’s large prime contractors for subcontract plan achievements. Public Law (P.L.) 109-461 entitled “Veterans Benefits, Health Care, and Information Technology Act of 2006” provides VA with unique authority for contracting with SDVOSB and VOSB. A new procurement hierarchy within VA for open market procurements was created which places our highest priority with SDVOB followed by VOSB. These are followed by 8(a), HUBZone, Woman-Owned Small Business, then all other Small Businesses. This procurement authority, and its subsequent implementation, is a logical extension of VA’s mission, to care for our nation’s Veterans. VA refers to this program as the Veterans First Contracting Program. See VA Acquisition Regulation Part 808, Required Sources of Supplies and Services, for the priorities in acquisition..

icon-sbir_sttrtwingravity is in the process of applying for The Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) and Small Business Technology Transfer (STTR) Programs harness the innovative talents and entrepreneurial energies of our nation’s small technology companies for U.S. military and economic strength.

icon-indiantwingravity’s principle scientist is Native American. We intend to reach out The Indian Incentive Program compensates prime contractors that use Indian organizations and Indian-owned economic enterprises on subcontracted work or on subcontracted commercial products manufactured in whole or in part by an Indian organization.

samtwingravity is in the process of registering for SAM or The System for Award Management a combined federal procurement system and Catalog of Federal Domestic Assistance. This consolidation is being done in phases. The first phase of SAM includes the functionality from the following systems:
* Central Contractor Registry (CCR) * Federal Agency Registration (Fedreg) * Online Representations and Certifications Application * Excluded Parties List System (EPLS)

dodPresidential Executive Order 13360 [PDF] calls for a significant increase in federal contracting and subcontracting opportunities for service-disabled veteran-owned businesses. The central feature of the Executive Order calls for all Federal agencies to develop a strategic plan to significantly increase its contracting and subcontracting with small businesses owned and controlled by service-disabled veterans. The Department of Defense has put a bold and aggressive plan in place in response to Presidential Executive Order 13360. twingravity will meet the needs of the defense of our nation in response to both human and climactic threats.


INC 40928
FIIG A511L0 (displayed for historical purposes only)
Condition Code 1
Applicability Key
Definition A removable component which performs multilevel encryption/decryption functions for telecommunications equipment.
FSC Name
5810 Communications Security Equipment and Components
INC 38630
FIIG A30800 (displayed for historical purposes only)
Condition Code 2
Applicability Key C (displayed for historical purposes only)
Definition A device used to imprint information on a microcircuit including EPROMS and single chip microcomputers. The device may also edit, verify and/or erase existing programmed microcircuits. The device may include remote controls and associated software packages.
FSC Name
5810 Communications Security Equipment and Components
6625 Electrical and Electronic Properties Measuring and Testing Instruments
7035 Information Technology Support Equipment



541690  Security consulting services
541620 Environmental consulting services
541511  Software programming services, custom computer
541511  Software analysis and design services, custom computer
541511  Computer program or software development, custom
541511  Computer software analysis and design services, custom
541511  Computer software programming services, custom
541511  Computer software support services, custom
541511  Applications software programming services, custom computer
541512  Computer software consulting services or consultants

twingravity is a partnership between two veterans dedicated to the application of scientific solutions to national security and ecological homeostasis.

Eugene Roger Apodaca, PhD (UC Berkeley) is a former US Army Signal Corps Officer who served in combat during the Vietnam War. He later worked as the Senior Trajectory Engineer at Jet Propulsion Laboratory and as a professor of Mathematics at Occidental College and Sacramento City College. He is an independent theorist and researcher focused on advanced applied mathematics. His independent and voluntary contributions of intellectual property to Aerojet and Intel have been noted to have revolutionized aerospace and made wireless computing possible. Dr. Apodaca is a Mexican-American Commanchero.

twingravity’s other partner is Joseph Bernard Malki, BA (UC Davis), he was a Specialist  in the 373D Military Intelligence Battalion (BfSB). As a telecommunications technician he provided support in the integrated multi-disciplined intelligence collection for Battlefield Surveillance Brigade and Corps Commands across the full range of Unified Land Operations.  Since his time in the US Army Reserves, Mr. Malki has been engaged in the ICTM (Information Communication Technology Media) Management field with a focus on the advancement of the science of sustainability. Mr. Malki is a Cuban-Syriac American.