“Climate is a Public Technology. We share a common responsibility for its integrity and quality. Individuals, communities, businesses, associations, faiths and governments all have a duty to steward the planet intelligently for the benefit of future generations.”

- Joseph B. Malki

Advancing the Science of Sustainability with a sense of urgency.

Technology Management

Technology management is one of the most critical disciplines in the advancement of sustainability. By advancing long term ecological and social protections into the design, planning, prototyping, testing, implementation and operationalization stages – proper technology management reduces risks and nurtures optimizations.

Civil Communication

Civil communication requires invitations, access, equality and an avenue of sincerity. Stakeholders in energy, agriculture, manufacturing, service, health care, information technology, finance and government hold massive amounts of power in trust for their consumer and constituents. The quality of the dialogue between individuals, communities and institutions of wealth and power will be the measure of equity for any democracy.

eR/sR Media Engagement

eR/sR Communication points to the stewardship inherent in how we deliver messages to any constituent, market or nation. The eR/sR idea (environmentally/Responsible + socially/Respectful) adheres to all forms of media including print, radio, outdoor, events, television, prerecorded media and interweb social channels. Societies have not yet fathomed the impact of how ever growing commercialists enterprises affect their culture and climate. In response a growing trend of success based practical and scientific engagements have improved lives by engaging in eR/sR initiatives.

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